How to get Mettamatter?

The easiest way is to open relics. But not everything is so simple).

Buy a relic for 4000 crystals, it is advisable to open them with Lode Star (there will be no big little icon when you put the relic on opening), so you will be choked on 3-4 Metamatter, you can open without them, but mostly ores will fall and a small chance for Metamatter, but about 10-12 pieces will fall out. It’s already your choice how to open).

For 10, 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 75, 85 and 95 ranks Geode of mastery you get Mastery Reliquary, from which 100% of the Metamatter falls. Also, to speed up opening, you can use Accelerite (1 such thing accelerates the opening by 2 hours). When you bought a relic, you need to fill it out, and for this you need to go to one of the Geode worlds.

When you enter one of the worlds, such a window appears in front of you. Under number 1 – you can change the tula that will be used under M2 and 1. Under number 2 – by clicking on the “Swap” button, select the relics that you will put on filling. Under number 3 – change and put a pet. After you have put the relic to fill, you need to fill it.

They are filled when collecting: crystals (1 EXP per piece), ore (3 EXP per piece), with the help of pets (5 EXP per piece).

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