How to get to the Geode-Sanctuary Hub

There are a couple of ways to get into the Geode-Sanctuary hub. The first is through atlas.

The second way.

When you enter the hub, then turning left, you need to go straight, there will be a portal to the world of Geode itself (I will say for myself that through the portal it is better to log in, personally in my experience there is no endless loading with it when trying to log in, which I won’t say about atlas, it happened very often.

After that, we get into the Geode hub itself. By clicking on the Eng. M, you can see a map of the world
and what and where it is located.

Everything has 3 floors, initially you appear on the second. Also, if you want to appear in the Geode world
at the original place of appearance, hold down H.Each of them has 4 rooms in which different buns are located…
This map is not particularly convenient, so I use a slightly different strategy for understanding and memorizing the location of workbenches. After we appear we see it in front of us:

I marked the left side with a black arrow, the right side with a blue arrow, and the right side with a red arrow (there is a cross on the building, because this building needs to be bypassed). I will also write for example: “third floor left”, etc. I hope you understand my logic). Also, to return to the main hub, you need to bypass the building marked with a cross, behind it there will be a portal to the main Trove hub.

Second floor. Left

Number 1 is the Companion Trainer, in this workbench pets from Geode are pumped. Number 2 – Egg Incubator, in it you open the eggs that you found in the Geode worlds (more on them later), initially you there is 1 slot available, but they can be expanded to a maximum of 3. Under number 3 is Forever Home Finder, in fact it is a lootcollector, only in the world of Geode. It contains pets, eggs, Drill bit (a resource that is dropped from Lesser Crystal Cache sun-duks). Number 4 is an NPC from whom you can take quests to complete in the Geode worlds.

Second floor. Right.

Number 1 – Crysstalogy Workbench. It crafts mounts, pitomts, costumes from Geode, things for
the world of Geode, etc. Number 2 is the NPC, from which you can take quests to complete in the world of Geode. Number 3 – Geodian Workbench. It contains crafts from Geode styles (these styles are being crafted or bought on the market).

Second floor.Straight.

Number 1 – Barber shop (change the appearance of the character). Under number 2 is a Personal chest.
Number 3 is a rejuvenation station (to restore hp and hilki). Number 4 is a Trading post (exchange
of things and resources with other players).3rd Floor, teleport to the original spawn in Geode and
climb one floor higher.

Number 1 is Bomber Royal Merchant, for buying things from the Bomber Royale mode for Bomber Coin.

Number 2 – Bomber Piano Portal.

Third floor.The right one.

Number 1 – Reliquary Merchant Thundros (purchase of relics).Number 2 – Reliquary. Revealer (you put the same relics in this installation, but before that they need to be filled in, then they can be opened there). Under number 3An NPC from whom you can take quests to complete in the Geode worlds.

Third floor.

To get here, press H, then go down to the 1st floor below. Number 1 – Portal to one of the worlds of Geode
Moonglow Grotto
. Number 2 is a portal to on of the worlds of Geode Sunken San vault. Number 3 – Portal to one of the worlds Geode Verdant Veins. Number 4 is the installation in which you pump your modules for resources. Under
the number 5 – Module Workbench, those modules are being crafted in it.

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