Trove Crystal Gear

Trove Crystal is the best equipment in the game for your character. Thanks to it, you can increase your maximum power rank and your light stat. When you have crystal gear, there are two ways of leveling:

  1. Maximum power rank – for farming.
  2. Maximum light – for geode uber, delve, leviathan. .

There are 4 levels of gear: c1 (from geode uber 8), c2 (U-9), crystal 3 (Uber- 10), crystal level 4 (delve depth 115+). These items can only be equipped on a character that is at least level 20.

Main difference between stellar and crystals: stellar has 4 stats and geode equipment has 5. Light is the new 5th stat.

All of them is bounded to account, cannot be traded to other players. So there is two ways of obtaining crystal items when ordering them:

  1. You will follow the dungeons together with our pro-player.
  2. You provide access to your account and our pro-player will be farming on your account.

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