Trove Flux

This category is about Trove flux.
It’s the the main official currency in the game Trove. It can be used to upgrade items and craft some of them. It can be gained from Titan of treasure’s or just farmed from items(that can be converted at loot collector) and then be grouped in megaflux tanks(b 9.999 in unit).
Also it can be used in many other actions. But if you want to get it really fast then it’s the right place for you. Here you can buy Trove flux , choose any amount that you need.
Our store have the following packs:

10.000 Flux
100.000-500.000 Flux
1 Mln + 250.000 Flux
5 Mln Flux
10 Mln Flux

We Definitelly recommend you to buy promo Trove flux , especially if you at first here to test our service. And looking at 1 mln+250k Free flux, cause it have best price.

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