Promo Codes

This is a list of currently working codes. Some of the following codes are unlimited either found as a secret code from patch notes or hidden within the release trailer of certain updates. Codes can be redeemed here.

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6Q6X-DD3Z-3MWN-6LWL-66XE: Salt Sower

MPJ7-LFWP-P7FF-Y9QW-GF6Q: Hexflame Harrier

7XRG-FPHE-Y7XZ-NL7E-NYN9: Sanctuary Shuttle

TROVESTAYSAFE: Tannenbomber’s Bell

Coupon Codes

“specialforyou” – Discount 3%

“onlycoupon5%” – Discount 5%

You can get promo flux here

Additionally players can get a Sageosaurus code by creating an account at Trovesaurus and redeeming the code here.

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