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Patron Pass is a feature found in the trove Store under the “Patron” tab. Players can also check their current Patron Pass time from the Glyph launcher or on the Glyph site under “Account” information. Purchasing Patron Pass (not including the tradeable coin) should give players Patron Points. Bonuses
Patron Pass will grant players the following bonuses:

  • +50% Experience
  • +4 Chaos Factor
  • +2 Flask Capacity
  • +5 Jump
  • +50% Lasermancy
  • +100% Crafting Speed
  • Doubled Magic Find
  • +33% extra Adventurine
  • Double current Battle Factor
  • Reduced time obtaining Battle Boxes (30 min. down from 60 min.)
  • Doubled Daily Bonuses
  • Tripled Daily Cubits and Flux from the Star Bar
  • Double Gem Box Karma Points

After your Patron Pass expires, these bonuses will no longer be available to you unless purchased again.

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