Trove Stellar Gear Sets XBOX

Stellar is almost the best equipment in the game (only crystal is better), that gives a significant increase to your character’s power rank. The set includes ring, face, hat and a weapon. For every class we have made and gathered the best stellar sets with suitable stats. This is great for beginners and new players that do not know much about Trove but want to start the quickest way towards the maximum power rank.

Every stellar item besides the ring can have a maximum of 4 stats (4th is added with 1 pearl of wisdom). The first stat cannot be changed, second one is selected by us to be the best for your character, but there is a way to change it during a special week. The 3rd and 4th stats can be changed at the crafting bench and you yourself can choose what you need.

Items from this category are only available for the XBOX version of Trove.

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