Trove Boats

Boats are used by players to surf around a large body of water, being able to navigate through liquid surfaces just like mounts travel through land. They’re useful for traveling through great seas or at least move faster on liquids, and it’s recommended for new players to obtain a boat if they wish to travel through the The Lost Isles biome and the Drowned World. Boats are proven to be the fastest way of traveling (faster than flying with wings) but only limited to aquatic surfaces. If you have a Fishing Pole and Lure, you can fish whilst the boat is not moving.The cannons on a galleon class boat have higher range than those on the clippers, but both are too weak in damage to be a viable combat strategy.

A boat can not move without a sail.


– Pressing “G” while in liquid Blocks, or even while falling, will allow you to activate the Boat.

– Holding “W” (or any set key that moves the player forward) will cause the player to accelerate, moving faster the longer it is held.

– Holding “A” (or any set key that moves the player to the left) will direct the boat to the left.

– Holding “D” (or any set key that moves the player to the right) will direct the boat to the right.

– Pressing “F” Will allow the user to Fish while on the Boat, however, the boat must not be moving (Player must have a Fishing Pole Equipped and must have Lure).

– Clicking the left mouse button while in a clipper or galleon class boat will fire the cannon.

– After accelerating, the boat will stay the same speed until the player presses “S” to slow down or “W” to continue going faster.

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