Trove Crafting

Crafting – is a way to get a lot of materials and items that cannot be obtained from mobs or from chests.

Getting started with workbenches starts with the Novice Crafting Bench, which you will first see in your cornerstone. It allows you to create items needed for further gameplay. If you are unlucky and it was lost, then it is possible to create it in the Hub.

To view the recipes available on the workbench, while looking at it, press “E”. In the window that appears, recipes are displayed, sorted by groups, the resources needed and the number of items to create.

After successfully crafting a workbench, it needs to be placed. To place a workbench press “Tab”, then find the workbench you need in your inventory and move it to one of the quick access slots, select this slot and left-click to set the workbench.

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