Trove Gardening

Gardening is a profession that can be advanced at a Gardening Bench. As evidenced by its name, Gardening is focused on growing crops. These crops may be harvested for useful items (most notably Steed Feed), or simply as decorative figures. Different requirements may be present per crop, such as whether sunlight is present, or what the current season is.

Like all professions, you gain points by crafting items that are in the newest unlocked tier. Each player has their own Gardening Level. Plants are separated into 7 different categories or tiers of Gardening, blocked by your character’s Gardening level, as opposed to the 6 tiers other professions have. The tiers for Gardening are as follows: Newbie, Dabbler, Enthusiast, Gardener, Green Thumb, Botanist, and Horticulturist.

Players can gain one point per item crafted, of which 50 points are required to advance to the next tier. The tiers go by 50’s, starting from level 0 to level 50, 100, etc. until level 300, which is the maximum Gardening level. You gain one level for every item you craft in your most recently unlocked tier.

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