Blocks are Trove’s essential units for construction and make up the game environment. These come in different colors, but they all consist of a 12 voxel space. Players can collect blocks in seven primal colors directly from the environment, depending on the Biome that player is in. Primal blocks can be converted to other various types of blocks using a Cube Converter such as Glass, Glowing, Metallic, and other colored blocks.

Some blocks are unlocked by default while others can only be unlocked using Recipes. Many of the blocks are not craftable but can be used in the Metaforge world (PC only) where players can load in blocks using /wadd commands or players can drag and drop the object file into your Trove client while within the Metaforge, and a stack of the object will be added to your Build Inventory, assuming you have the space (files are located in prefabs\placeable\block).

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