Chests are a type of entity that appear upon completion of a quest.

There are six types of chests; Lair chests, Dungeon chests, Recipe chests, Shadow chests, Shadow Tower Vaults and Everdark Vaults, which are spawned from One-Starred Bosses and Cursed Skulls, Three-Starred Bosses, Recipe Lairs, Dream Monsters, Shadow Titans and Shadow Colosseums respectively.

Most chests can be destroyed via attacking to gain additional loot. When a Lair chest is destroyed, it grants 3 Glim, 2 Equipment pieces and sometimes a Gem Box; Dungeon chests grant 10 Glim and 3 Equipment pieces and sometimes 1-2 Gem Boxes; Recipe chests grant 1 biome recipe based on the biome the recipe lair was located in; Shadow chests grant 3 Glim and 2 Equipment pieces.

Lair and Dungeon chests may also grant additional rewards from certain dungeons, such as Golden Seashells in the Treasure Isles or Subzero Snowflakes from Holiday Tree Lairs.

Shadow Tower Vaults and Everdark Vaults require a key to open, but grant unique rewards. Shadow Vaults are opened using a Shadow, Moon or Eclipse Key (depending on the difficulty of the Shadow Tower they’re in), and grant many high-tier equipment pieces, some Shadow Shards or Shadow Caches depending on the Uber difficulty, and very rarely a unique Mount. Everdark Vaults require either a Class Gem Key or a Shaper’s Star Key to open, and grant a Class Gem or Shaper’s Stars depending on the key used.

If equipment from chests is unneeded, they can be Loot Collected for Flux and Eyes of Q’bthulhu, which can be used to improve better equipment drops instead.

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