Trove Candy Barbarian

Candy Barbarian has a high attack speed. It also has quite useful skills, both attacking and supporting. Another good tank.

Class activation:

  • Starting class coin.
  • Class coin.
  • 250 credits.

Barbarian Weapon:

  • Melee (Sword).
  • Damage: Physical.
  • Biome / Territory: Candoria (Sweet).

Candy Barbarian Skills:

  1. Active: Vanilla Swiriwind (Vanilla Whirlwind).
    The character rotates 360 °, deals damage and restores his health.
    One hit on an enemy restores 10% health. (The more enemies, the more you restore health)
  2. Active: Sugar Crash.
    The character makes a jump forward, damages enemies and increases his attack speed.
    Damage area 6×6 blocks
    The jump depends on the direction.
    Candy does not stack. Attack speed will not increase with every candy.
    In the Battle arena, the skill causes the enemy to drop the flag.
  3. Ulta: Eis-Crom Cone (Horn of Ace-chrome).
    Deals damage in the area, and restores health to everyone around. restores 80% health to itself and 50% to allies.
    Can break blocks.
    The area of ​​effect is 9×9 blocks.
    Drops out 8 candies, which increase health by 10% and 1 candy, which increases attack speed.
    Heals allies in an area of ​​30×30 blocks. Restores 50% health.
  4. Passive: Gum Drop.
    When the character deals and takes damage, he throws candies that increase attack speed and restore health.
    Increases attack speed by 75 and movement speed by 20.
    The duration of the skill is 3 seconds.
    Candy does not stack. Attack speed will not increase with every candy.

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