Trove Knight

Melee class. Skillfully handles sword, attacking and defensive skills. One of the best tanking characters.

Knight activation:

  • Starting class coin.
  • Class coin.
  • 250 credits.

Knight Weapon:

  • Melee (Sword).
  • Damage:
  • Physical.
  • Biome / Territory:
  • Medieval Highlands (Medieval Highlands).

Knight Skills:

  1. Active: Basic attack.
    Sweeping attack in front of you.
    Damage: 250% physical damage.
    Range: 3 blocks.
    Attack speed: 2.125 * Attack speed per second.
    Arc damage against multiple targets.
    Can hit enemies one block higher or lower.
    Increased damage when Retribution is active.
  2. Active: Smash.
    Deals damage with a swing of the weapon.
    Can hit enemies 1 block below you.
    Breaks blocks.
    Knocks back enemies strongly.
    The affected area is 4×7 blocks.
    When holding the skill for 2 seconds, the damage increases 3.5-4.5 times from normal attacks.
  3. Active: Charge.
    The character dashes forward and deals damage.
    Cannot be used if the character is standing next to an obstacle 2 or more blocks high.
    The area of ​​damage is 3×5 blocks.
    Dash range – 12 blocks.
    Breaks blocks
    Damage is 3-4 times more than normal hits.
    When used, causes the enemy to throw a flag on the Battle arena (PvP arena)
  4. Ulta: Iron Will (Iron will).
    Heals the knight’s wounds and surrounds him with a shield.
    Activates Retribution
    Restores 100% of your health. Best used in an emergency.
    The shield absorbs 75% damage for 7 seconds.
    Increases Stability by 2 times.
    Cooldown 40 seconds.
  5. Passive: Retribution.
    When a character takes damage, his next attack will deal more damage.
    The damage is 3-5 times more than normal.
    The impact is charged every 2 seconds.
    If the shock is charged and not used, then after 3.5 seconds the charge will disappear.

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