Trove Lunar Lancer

Lunar Lancer – A good choice to play. Trove LL has high damage, good mobility. Very useful skills for fighting. It also has the form of a werewolf, which increases its characteristics.

Class activation:

  • Class coin.
  • 250 credits.

Lancer Weapon:

  • Spear (Spear).
  • Damage:
  • Physical.
  • Biome / Territory:
  • Shadow Tower (Dark Tower).

Lunar Skills:

  1. Active: Grappling Spear.
    Throws a spear at the target, deals AoE damage and increases the aggression of monsters. When reused, it is attracted to the target.
    Throws the spear in an arc. When the spear lands, it will damage everyone around and increase the level of aggression of monsters.
    When the spear passes through enemies, it creates a small explosion.
    When in the shape of a werewolf, you can throw two spears. You cannot attract yourself.
    If the spear was thrown before turning into a werewolf, then you can pull yourself to the spear.
  2. Active: Crescent Combo.
    The spear strikes in front of him in an arc. The first hit deals simple physical damage. The second hit is twice as strong and stuns the target.
    The second hit stuns enemies for 0.5 seconds.
    The damage of the second hit is 2 times more than the first.
    In the form of a werewolf, throws the target up.
  3. Ulta: Blessing of the Moon (Blessing of the Moon).
    A spear falls from heaven to earth, damaging enemies and increasing the characteristics of allies.
    The skill gives an increase to stability, movement speed and life regeneration.
    Deals damage to all enemies upon falling and during the use of the skill.
    If you are in the form of a werewolf, then the damage will be increased and explosions will appear around the spear.
    Visually, the spear is the same as in your hand.
  4. Passive: Lunancy (Lunar Spheres).
    Lancer transforms into a werewolf, dealing damage to the enemy. In the shape of a werewolf, characteristics increase, namely: movement speed, a decrease in damage taken by 25% and an increase in damage by 50% on targets.
    Movement speed increases by 10 units, 1.5 times more damage and health regeneration by 100%.
    The shape of a werewolf gives different effects to other abilities.

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