Trove Neon Ninja

Neon Ninja uses fast melee attacks. Usually, this character is developed to the maximum ASPD (speed of strikes per second).

Class activation:

  • Class coin.
  • 750 credits.


  • Melee (Sword).
  • Damage:
  • Physical.
  • Biome / Territory:
  • Neon City (Neon city).


  1. Active: Shadow Flip (Shadow Flip).
    You enter stealth mode and the next attack will be a shuriken throw.
    Enemies cannot see you in stealth mode.
    It also increases movement speed by 50%.
    To get out of the invisibility mode, you can drink a health potion.
    Creates a clone that stands still for 1-1.5 seconds and increases the aggression of mobs on themselves.
    In the Battle arena, this skill causes the enemy to drop the flag.
  2. Active: Stasis Blade.
    Teleport forward and immobilize enemies.
    If there are enemies in front of you, then you immobilize them for 3 seconds.
    The affected area is 3×10 blocks.
    If an obstacle is 2 blocks higher on your way, then you will stop on it.
    In the Battle arena, this skill causes the enemy to drop the flag.
  3. Ulta: Final Technique (Final technique).
    When activated, your attacks will deal damage at a short distance.
    If you use the Shadow Flip, then the action of the Final Technique will be interrupted.
    Can break blocks.
  4. Passive: Shining Star.
    When you hit enemies, you can get a shuriken in stealth mode.
    The maximum available shurikens is 3.
    Each hit gives 1 shuriken.
    All shurikens are automatically thrown after the first invisibility attack.
    To avoid falling out shurikens, wait until the invisibility ends or use Stasis Blade.
    Each shuriken attack deals 2-3 times more damage than a normal attack.

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