Trove Revenant

“Is a melee class. Has fighting and healing skills. It is the main tanking class.

Revenant activation:

  • Class coin.
  • 750 credits.


  • Spear (Spear).
  • Damage:
  • Physical.
  • Biome / Territory:
  • Battle Arena (Battle arena).

Rev Skills:

  1. Active: Bulwark Bash (Shield Bash).
    Beats with a shield in front of him and increases the level of aggression of monsters.
    Makes enemies attack you for 3 seconds.
    Restoration of skills – 7 seconds.
  2. Active: Spirit Spears.
    Deals damage in front of itself, while wasting its health.
    6% of Maximum Health is consumed every second.
    The damage of the skill depends on the maximum level of health.
    The skill has no recovery time.
    The skill will do more damage per second if you constantly press it (Do not pinch).
  3. Ulta: Spirit Storm (Ghost storm).
    Creates a whirlwind around Revenant. Pulls enemies to the center, deals area damage and heals nearby allies.
    The skill uses 30% of Maximum Health.
    The affected area is 5-6 blocks.
    When the skill is active, Revenant throws balls that will deal damage to enemies.
    Movement speed is halved.
    Stability is greatly increased, preventing enemies from pushing you back.
    Cooldown 20 seconds.
  4. Passive: Vengeful Spirits.
    Second chance. Summons a spirit to fight by your side.
    Each hit of Revenant heals him.
    When you die, you will immediately be reborn (smoke will be visible at the place of the “”head””) and a spirit will appear that will protect you.
    If the skill is not restored and you die, then death will be final.
    Skill recovery time is 1 minute.
    The skill works for the Battle arena (PvP battle arena), but when the skill works, you will be with a minimum amount of health.

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