Trove Tomb Raiser

The necromancer uses melee magic and calls on his minions to help him.

Class activation:

  • Starting class coin.
  • Class coin.
  • 250 credits.


  • Staff.
  • Damage:
  • Magic (Magic).
  • Biome / Territory:
  • Cursed Vale (Cursed Valley).


  1. Active: Bonetourage (Raging bones).
    Throws a soul and thus summons minions.
    The maximum number of minions is 6.
    Each minion deals 2 times more damage than the Necromancer himself.
    The minion is constantly taking damage.
    To heal minions, you can use a normal attack on them.
    The call lasts 10 seconds (if no one hits or heals them).
    Summoning is not possible without souls.
  2. Active: Banshee’s Boon.
    The necromancer enters into a ghostly form.
    The damage is increased and hits the area. Also, the treatment of minions is becoming massive.
    Damage to Necromancer reduced by 90%.
    Energy is needed to maintain a ghostly form.
  3. Ulta: Grave Goliath (Grave giant).
    The necromancer summons a giant (Goliath), sacrificing his minions.
    The more minions are sacrificed, the more damage it will deal.
    The maximum amount is 6 (Damage increased 20 times).
    Goliath can only be healed by the Chloromancer.
    Summoning another Goliath will destroy the old one.
    Goliath consumes one soul. Thus, you can summon more minions.
  4. Passive: Soul Caller.
    Restless souls periodically accumulate.
    The maximum number of souls is 3.
    Souls are accumulated for killing enemies.
    Souls can also be obtained for attacking enemies by minions.
    One soul can be obtained after 8 seconds, after receiving the previous one.
    A normal attack restores health to the Necromancer.

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