Enchanted Forge (Trove – PC/Mac)



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Adds more ways to Forge, including adding new stats, lowering the required level, and upgrading the rarity.
The Enchanted Forge (Previously called the Advanced Forge or Radiant Aura Forge) is the main way to apply additional features and upgrades to Equipment Items in Trove. The Enchanted Forge will allow players to modify their item with stat bonuses, lower requirement level, and/or change Radiant or Stellar Auras. Players can access the Forge by pressing [E] while looking at the Forge; once there players can use Pearls of Wisdom, Twinkling Tomes, and/or Glim to make additional changes to the item. The player’s equipped Hat, Face, Weapon and Ring will automatically be displayed in the GUI, and other Items can be dragged or right-clicked from the inventory.
Once Items are fully Forged, then you will need to use a more advanced Forge, also known as the Enchanted Forge. This Forge will allow you to add additional stats and features. Items can only be found with a total of 3 stats, so a fourth stat can be added using Pearls of Wisdom (which can be found in Chaos Chests or as very rare world drops). This will add a fourth stat and the Forged stat values will then carry on over once the stat has been added.

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