Hearty Party Pack 1 (Trove – PC/Mac)



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Hearty Party Pack 1 is an exclusive fundraiser pack in the Trove Store that unlocks many Extra Life exclusive content from the Extra Life 2017 event. During this fundraising event, the money used to purchase the pack goes to Extra Life, a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals fundraising program.

This pack can be bought only once per account.

This pack includes the following:

  • Yzzuli of the Honeybreeze(dragon)
  • Dubstepping Desperado(costume)
  • Time-Stranded Paleontologist(costume)
  • Trovian Mammoth(mount)
  • Kishann, Soul of Splendor(mount)
  • Bawk Mom(mount)
  • Haunted House Dancefloor(mag rider)
  • Pizzanati Conspiraslicist(allie)
  • Noodlis, the Ensorcelled(allie)
  • Kiara, Chrono Kitty(allie)
  • Fizzy Pink Octopus(allie)
  • Neonate Necrowmancer(allie)
  • Oblivion Bunny(allie)
  • Neon Nanodrone(allie)
  • Junebug`s Jubilee Cake(allie)
  • Porky Pew-Pewer(style)
  • Star Stalker(style)
  • Mastery Hyperpin Helmet(style)
  • Doom Drake(style)
  • Geodian Gemcap(style)
  • Bulging Brain(style)
  • Halvocado Helmet(style)
  • Purple Pacifier(style)
  • Good Goatee(style)
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