Square Necessities Pack (Trove – PC/Mac)



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The Square Necessities is a cosmetic pack available during the February Hotfix. It features many trovian themed allies, mounts, styles, and other useful items.

This pack includes the following:

  • Wings of the Worldwatcher
  • Jerhynn, The Radiant Vanguard(mount)
  • Trovian Trackerhound(ally)
  • Trovian Terabode(framework)
  • Trovian Turn-Pike(50 styles)
  • Cubic Root Tree(50 styles)
  • Trovian Turban(50 styles)
  • Mystique Mask(50 styles)
  • Righteous Angle Bow(50 styles)
  • Blocky Blaster(50 styles)
  • Cubic Cudgel(50 styles)
  • Gem Booster Box(10)
  • Greater Dragon Cache(10)
  • Chaos Chest(10)
  • Party Animal(10)
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