Trove Geode

With the “Crystal Combat” update, there were many new items added, among which were cosmic gems, crystal equipment, new Light parameter and Uber-10 Geode.

In this category there are all the items that are related to this world. The appearance of Geode Uber-8, Uber-8 and Uber-10 gave players the opportunity to become even stronger. The arrival of upgraded items, new allies and mounts. [– all of this you can purchase and follow the news in the game!]
New equipment – will give an increase to your power rank and overall damage and items
– open up even more crafts and possibilities for character customization.

Cosmic type of gems gives more maximum power rank and overall stats increase.

The introduction of the Geode world into Trove gave a huge chance for the players to break out to the top and Trove has turned into something more, which allowed the players to get even more fun by playing the game.

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