Reliquaries are a special type of lootbox exclusive to the Geode. Unlike normal Lootboxes, Reliquaries must be charged and revealed beforehand in order to unlock its contents. Players must equip a Reliquary that they want to charge at the start of their expedition in order for them to be charged. They can be charged while doing various tasks in the Geodian caverns such as gathering resources and helping critters. Once charged with enough Experience, reliquaries must go through the revealing process at the Reliquary Revealer usually waiting for several hours.
Accelerites can be used to speed up the process of revealing and Lodestars can increase the chance of an uncommon or rare drop from the Reliquary once it is fully revealed (These items must be used before it is fully revealed). Players can collect its contents once a Reliquary has been fully revealed.


Charging a Reliquary can be done through exploration of the Geode Caverns and doing various tasks, some tasks do not give experience for the reliquary so. In order for the Reliquary to be charged, players can do the following to gain experience:

  • 1 EXP per Crystal Gathered
  • 3 EXP per Geodian Ore Mined
  • 5 EXP per Critter helped

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