Trove Rings

Rings can be obtained by creating different boxes containing said rings. You can create these boxes at a Ringcrafting Bench

  • Power rings increase Physical Damage
  • Vitality rings increase Maximum Health
  • Delving rings increase Lasermancy
  • Wisdom rings increase Magic Damage

Regardless of type, rings give a secondary stat bonus to any of the following stats: Magic Find, Jump, Stability, Critical Hit, Health Regeneration, and Energy Regeneration.

Rings cannot be upgraded or have their stats added/increased by using tentacles of Q’bthulhu or pearls of wisdom. There is also no way to modify the drop rate of higher tier rings, including magic find and location when opening boxes. Currently the best observed rates put shadow 4 drop rate in a Signet box at approximately a 0.25% chance.

The highest possible ring rarity is Stellar Level 5.

You also will get 75 Mastery Points when reaching a new ringcrafting tier.

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