Trove Boomeranger

Boomeranger a versatile fighter using bow and sword. Depending on the chosen style and weapon, it can be melee or range. Has skills with a wide range of applications, various types of bombs and even a boomerang!

Class activation:

  • Starting class coin.
  • Class coin.
  • 250 credits.


  • Bow and Melee (Bow and Sword).
  • Damage:
  • Physical.
  • Biome / Territory:
  • N / A (Unknown).


  1. Active: Boomerang.
    Throws a boomerang to stun an enemy and resets skill cooldowns when caught.
    The boomerang flies along the line (horizon) for a distance of 15 blocks.
    If you catch a boomerang, then the cooldown of skills is reset.
    The boomerang will fly 15 blocks vertically and stun enemies with a small radius for 1-1.5 seconds.
    The boomerang bounces off enemies and other blocks as it approaches a target. If the boomerang was not caught, the reload time is increased to 12 seconds.
    Damage is 0.5-1 times less than a normal attack.
    If you switch to melee after using the ability, then you instantly stun enemies and return the boomerang back.
    The cooldown of the skill is 11 seconds. If you catch a boomerang, then 7 seconds.
  2. Active: Big Bomb.
    Throws a bomb that deals damage when it explodes.
    After throwing in 2.5-3 sec. an explosion occurs.
    The bomb can be attached to the ceiling and walls.
    Has a 6×6 explosion radius.
    The damage is 3 times more than a normal attack.
    Can destroy traps and blocks.
    You can mine ore.
    The cooldown of the skill is 20 seconds. If you catch a boomerang, then 6-7 seconds.
  3. Ulta: Mysterious Urn (Mysterious urn).
    Throws a mysterious urn that deals damage and gives a random bonus.
    Deals damage, regardless of the bonus.
    25% chance of spawning bombs. All bombs explode in the same place where the urn was thrown or where the first bomb was detonated, with 2 blocks of AoE damage.
    25% chance to heal 100% health of allies in the area.
    25% chance to reset the cooldown of skills.
    25% chance to summon three allied chickens to deal damage to enemies. Chickens cannot be attacked. If there are no monsters nearby, then the chickens remain in place.
    The cooldown of the skill is 30 seconds. If you catch a boomerang, then 7 seconds.
  4. Passive: Finishing Blow.
    Every third hit deals additional damage.
    Damage is higher from normal attacks: from the sword by 200%, and from the bow by 100%.
    With melee weapons, every third attack deals massive 360-degree damage around you.
    Gives good kickback.
    With a bow, every third attack is followed by three additional attacks.

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