Boomeranger Set (Trove – PC/Mac)



All items may be replaced if they are not on stock.

Stellar Bow: PD-CD

Stellar Hat: MH-CD

Stellar Face: MH-CD

Stellar Ring 5 LVL: PD-CH/JUMP/ER

Ally: Rapt Berserker/Prowling Shadow

Flask: Vampiric/Valorous/Chaos

Emblem: Surestrike emblems

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The Boomeranger is a Melee/Ranged fighter from the Prime world of Trove.
Boomerangers are very versatile with the capability of changing from a melee to ranged with just simply changing equipped weapons. They are also equipped with a large range of items including a Boomerang that stuns enemies and reduces cooldown and a large bomb that can break through the toughest Dungeon blocks. They are well noted for their unpredictable Ultimate ability to spawn quick, Healing/Cooldown shards, or even more bombs for damage and/or support. Unlike most classes, the Boomeranger heavily relies on cooldown rather than energy to use its abilities.

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