[MF ACCOUNT][HIGH LIGHT][HIGH PR] TROVE ACCOUNT 35.2PR Neon Ninja, 34.9PR Ice Sage, 31PR Gunslinger, 33.1PR Vanguardian, 28.4PR Lunar Lancer 616 Total Mastery Rank SOLD



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This account include full email access/password.

  • 616 Total Mastery Rank
  • All class in FULL Crystal (1-4 lvl)/Stellar set
  • 7  Classes with Highest PR have all stellar gems slotted with good stats.
  • 66/80 Dragons Unlocked [3/3 Primordial 14/19 Ancestral 31/38 Legendary]
  • 35k-18k PR ALL Classes
  • Other Classes 18-8k Average PR
  • Many Poles, mag rider, ship, mounts,  flask, allies wings, tomes, emblem and other collections unlocked.
  • 10497 MF


Best Class Neon Ninja

  • 35226 Power Rank
  • Radiant Banner
  • S5 Ring PD/MF
  • C3 Crystal Full Set
  • Light 6033
  • 10302 Magic Find(With Patron)

Class Ice Sage

  • 34978 Power Rank
  • Stellar Banner
  • S5 Ring PD/MF
  • C3 Crystal Full Set and 4 lvl Staff
  • Light 7989
  • 10497 Magic Find(With Patron)

Nice for rushing ubers/understackable Delves/Casual Gameplay

Any other screenshots on request



  1. reece brown

    Im interested in buying this account but i cannot buy it till the end of the month is that okay?

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